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St Mary Cathedral (101)

St Mary Cathedral (101) Parish
219 Seymour Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933
484-0475 (fax)
Founding Date of Parish: 1866

Handicap Parking

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Julia Becka, M, Youth Minister 517-484-5331
      Youth Ministry

Michael & Terri Hecksel, parish life 517-484-5331
      Parish Life

Joe Mahoney, finance committee 517-484-5331
      Finance Chair

Sr. Joan Meerschaert, Pastoral Minister 517-484-5331
      Business / Office Administration
      Funeral Ministry
      Visitation / Homebound

 Rev. Msgr. George Michalek
      In Residence

Leonel Muniz, Maintenance 517-484-5331
      Building / Facilities / Maintenance

Vasilica Polizache, Housekeeper/Cook 517-484-5331
      Building / Facilities / Maintenance

Fr. Bernie Reilly, Rector (517)484-5331

 Rev. Msgr. Bernard Reilly 517-484-5331

Rebecca Rossi, DRE/RCIA (517) 484-5331
      Faith Formation
      Marriage Prep
      Religious Education (Youth)

Michael Stump, Pastoral Council 517-484-5331
      Parish Council Chair

Margie Villarreal-Krawczyk, Secretary 517-484-5331
      Communications / Bulletin / Web

 Deacon Joseph Yeong-Ming Jong 517-484-5331

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