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St Francis of Assisi (401)

St Francis of Assisi (401) Parish
church: 2250 East Stadium Blvd
parish office: 2150 Frieze Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 821-2102 (fax)
Founding Date of Parish: 1950

Handicap Parking   Assistive Listening

Name: Email: Telephone:

 Richard Badics 734-821-2171
      Visitation / Homebound

Helena Bichakjian, RE Secretary Assist 7348212130
      Religious Education (Youth)

Christina Busse, Extended School & Preschool Dir. 734-821-2290
      Pre-School Co-ordinator

 Rev. James Conlon 734-821-2100
      Funeral Ministry

 Rev. Terry Dumas 734-821-2154
      In Residence

Jonathan Hasey, Music Director 734-821-2124

Kelly Hernandez, Adult Faith Groups 734-821-2122
      Adult Faith Groups

Jacob Kanitz, Young Adult & H.S. Youth Ministries, School Campus 734-821-2126
      Youth Ministry

Julie Kanitz, Religious Education Secretary 734-821-2130
      Religious Education (Youth)

Senora Lastname, Hispanic Ministry Facilitator 734821-2128
      Adult Faith Groups

 Gene Leger 734-821-2100

 Rev Shaun Lowery 734-821-2100
      Parochial Vicar
      Visitation / Homebound

Marty Lucas, Adult Faith Formation & RCIA 734-821-2125
      Adult Faith Groups
      Christian Initiation (Adult)
      Christian Initiation (Youth)

Laquanda Marshall, Bookkeeper 734-821-2112
      Accounting / Bookkeeping

Gail O'Neill, School Bookkeeper 734-821-2113
      Accounting / Bookkeeping
      Database / Magazine List Manager

Jacquelyn Pearson, Receptionist 734-821-2100

Julie Pritzel, School Principal 734-821-2200
      School Principal

Jim Russo, Communications 734-821-2114
      Communications / Bulletin / Web
      Database / Magazine List Manager

Michael Scott, Business Manager 734-821-2111
      Accounting / Bookkeeping
      Building / Facilities / Maintenance
      Business / Office Administration

Ann Marie 'Amy' Smith, School Admin. Assistant 734-821-2204
      Child and Youth Protection
      School Secretary

Pamela Smith, Office Manager 734-821-2100
      Communications / Bulletin / Web
      Child and Youth Protection

Janene Ternes, Spiritual Direction 734-436-1351

Mary Jane Tramontin, Parish Pastoral Council Chair 7348212100
      Parish Council Chair

Ellen Ward, DRE 734-821-2132
      Religious Education (Youth)

Danaica Watson, Parish Nurse 734-821-2115

Susan Wawrzaszek, Liturgy Coordinator 734-821-2123

Scott Wright, Service & Justice 734-821-2121
      Charity / Social Justice / Christian Service

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