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Holy Family (228)

Holy Family (228) Parish
11804 S. Saginaw St.
Grand Blanc, MI 48442
810-694-1583 (fax)
Founding Date of Parish: 1946

Handicap Parking

Name: Email: Telephone:

 Deacon Larry Blondin 810-694-4891

Chasity Campbell, School Secretary 810-694-9072
      School Secretary

Erin Cummings, Director of Evangelization 810-694-4891

Linda Doyle, Bulletin Editor 810-694-4891
      Communications / Bulletin / Web

Theresa Dyer, Parish Secretary 810-694-4891
      Database / Magazine List Manager
      Marriage Prep

Janet Gravel, Director of Religious Education 810-694-9072
      Family Life Ministry
      Christian Initiation (Youth)
      Religious Education (Youth)
      Youth Ministry

Lisa Harvey, School Admin. 810-694-9072
      Business / Office Administration
      School Secretary

Brian Kita, Business Manager 810-694-4891
      Accounting / Bookkeeping
      Business / Office Administration

 Rev Joseph Krupp

Fr. Peter Lawrence, Parochial Vicar 810-694-4891

Dr. Sia Lee, Associate Music Director 810-694-4891

Dr. Simon Lee, Music Director 810-694-4891

Lorri O'Dea, Liturgy Coordinator 810-694-4891

 Deacon Dennis Pennell 810-694-4891
      Family Life Ministry

Carrie Pilarski, Event/Facility Coordinator 810-694-4891
      Building / Facilities / Maintenance
      Parish Life

Theresa Purcell, School Principal 810-694-9072
      School Principal

Nancy Repuyan, Ministry to the Ill & Bereaved 810-694-4891
      Funeral Ministry
      Visitation / Homebound

Kristin Smith, Program Director 810-694-4891
      Development / Fundraising / DSA

Nicole Urbanik, Special Projects/Communications Coordinator 810-694-4891
      Communications / Bulletin / Web

Linda Waggoner, Ministry to the Ill & Bereaved 810-694-4891
      Funeral Ministry
      Procurator and Advocate
      Child and Youth Protection
      Visitation / Homebound

Fr. Bill Wegher, Parochial Vicar 810-694-4891

Maddie  White, RCIA 810-694-4891
      Christian Initiation (Adult)
      Christian Initiation (Youth)

Matthew Williams, Parish Pastoral Council Chair 810-695-2776
      Parish Council Chair

Aimee Wolven, Accountant 810-694-4891
      Accounting / Bookkeeping

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