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Good Shepherd (234)

Good Shepherd (234) Parish
PO Box 3274
400 N Saginaw St
Montrose, MI 48457
810- 639-3245 (fax)
Founding Date of Parish: 1979

Handicap Parking

Name: Email: Telephone:

 Rev Anthony Brooks
      Parochial Vicar

Jessica Hillard, Coordinator Youth Ministry 810-639-2678
      Youth Ministry

Ann Kaczmarczyk, Secretary 810-639-7600
      Accounting / Bookkeeping

Lisa Lee, DRE 810-639-7600
      Christian Initiation (Youth)
      Child and Youth Protection
      Religious Education (Youth)

Christine Morse, Music Minister 810-845-6482

Gordon Reigle, Rev. 810-659-2501
      Family Life Ministry

 Rev Gordon Reigle

William Stroup 810-348-6990
      Parish Council Chair

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