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St Matthew (220)

St Matthew (220) Parish
706 Beach Street
Flint, MI 48502
810-232-4148 (fax)
Founding Date of Parish: 1911

Handicap Parking   Assistive Listening

Name: Email: Telephone:

Elisa Costello, Music Director/Coordinator 810-515-9950

Marsha Darnell 810-232-0880
      Business / Office Administration

Marsha Darnell, M, Office/Business Administrator 810-232-0880
      Accounting / Bookkeeping
      Business / Office Administration
      Development / Fundraising / DSA

Kevin Dolan, Maintenance Supervisor
      Building / Facilities / Maintenance

 Rev Thomas Firestone

Patricia Larlham, Administrative Assistant 810-232-0880
      Business / Office Administration

 Rev James Mangan
      Parochial Vicar
      Parish Council Chair

John  Racine, Chairperson 810-695-2726
      Finance Chair

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