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Sts Cornelius & Cyprian Catholic Church (302)

Sts Cornelius & Cyprian Catholic Church (302) Parish
1320 Catholic Church Road
Leslie, MI 49251
Founding Date of Parish: 1863

Handicap Parking

Name: Email: Telephone:

 Rev Kusitino Cobona

Gary/Kim Smith Darren/Andrea Hartman, Youth Ministry 517-589-5805
      Youth Ministry

Mike Hill, Maintenance 517-914-6338
      Building / Facilities / Maintenance

Eileen  Hunter 734-652-8423
      Parish Council Chair

Mike Kirby 734-904-8914
      Finance Chair

Antoinette LaCinski, MUSIC DIRECTOR

Bonnie Sweet/ Maureen Stockwell, Directory of Religious Education 517-676-9111
      Religious Education (Youth)

Bonnie Sweet, Secretary/Bookkeeper 517-589-8492
      Accounting / Bookkeeping
      Business / Office Administration
      Communications / Bulletin / Web
      Database / Magazine List Manager
      Development / Fundraising / DSA
      Religious Education (Youth)

Al Turkovich, Deacon
      Christian Initiation (Adult)

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